Kangaroo Yellow Paw

Kangaroo Yellow Paws are distinguished by their yellow velvety flowers and make very good cut flowers and ornamentals.

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Kangaroo Yellow Paw plant is stunning with long, flattened leaves and large vividly-colored, velvety flowers; which bloom in fan-like clusters at the end of long stems. Each Kangaroo Yellow Paw flower has a bright red ovary which, with the unusual paw-shaped flowers, gives the flower its common name. 

Kangaroo Yellow Paws make very good cut flowers and ornamentals.

Due to our equatorial location, we grow Kangaroo Yellow Paw flowers all year round, for export markets. We package our Kangaroo Yellow Paw stems in bunches of 10 stems each, usually 60cm – 100cm long, ready for export.

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